Counseling Associates is a small group of like-minded, licensed professionals who strive to provide ethical, insightful, authentic counseling for individuals, couples, and families in a peaceful and comfortable environment. Additionally, we value supporting one another in client care.

Before entering the mental health field, we participated in varied careers — private sector, education, not-for-profit, community mental health — enabling us to gain broad perspectives to bring to client concerns.

We feel that isolation generates confusion, indecision, and despair, but genuine relationships provide hope. People have hopes, dreams, expectations, and visions of how life should be, and often life doesn’t seem to cooperate. At Counseling Associates, people from a broad array of life experiences and a vast age range (ages five and up) experience therapeutic relationships that provide hope and a safe space in which to voice dreams and disappointments, and to brainstorm new approaches to life.

We seek to provide relationships of hope and a quiet, comfortable place for people of all ages . . .

To risk honesty and being known To find an ally with whom to brainstorm alternative thoughts/emotions/behaviors for getting un-stuck
To discover and/or voice disappointments and dreams To be supported in new approaches to everyday life
To uncover ways in which they are stuck  

Common issues that bring people here include . . .

Coping Skills Recovery From Childhood Abuse (physical, emotional, verbal, sexual)
Wellness Life Skills Development
Grief Career Counseling
Trauma Life Planning
Depression and Anxiety Dependence And Addiction
Relationship Communication Dysfunctional Relationship Patterns
Family Communication Children Behavioral Issues
Conflict Resolution ADHD
Adolescent Identity Development Parenting