Cynthia Ragsdale

CynthiaRagsdalephotoCynthia Ragsdale, L.M.H.C.

Because we are communal beings who cannot discover our full selves outside of relationship with others, I believe that the counselor-client relationship is one key component to healing and growth. It is only having earned client trust within authentic relationship that I have earned the right to offer suggestions, theories, techniques, homework, etc. Once a relationship is established, I employ approaches that vary depending on what a given client is seeking – behavioral change vs. emotional shift vs. thought change, or a combination of these.

It is a privilege for me to be let into people’s life struggles and a privilege to be allowed to watch the growth that occurs when clients are committed to working within an honest relationship. (Daytime appointments are available within 2 weeks.  I likely will not be able to add new clients within the next 6 months. Please call to discuss specifics of what you’re searching for, and I will work to pair you thoughtfully with the best clinician for you if you have evening-only availability.)

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